One of the main staples in the diet of a child in Sierra Leone is rice, and the fourteen orphans at Lifegate Children's Home consume over 300 pounds every thirty days. At $160,000 Leones or $38 USD for a 110 pound bag, it is expensive.

What can you do to help meet the need? You can aid our ministry by keeping something that you would normally throw away: it’s number 13 on the periodic table, but you probably know it as aluminum. Just think, your leftover aluminum cans can be cashed in to buy food for these hungry children.

Here are our up-to-date grand totals:

Pounds of Rice:

Amount of Money:

Number of Cans:

Thank you for your support! 

If you're ready to start collecting personally or at your church or business, send us an email.

If you've already been collecting and you'd like to make a donation, send it to:

Hope Orphan Home
PO Box 248
Athens, IL 62613

Or, if you'd like to give the gift online, click here.